The time is now. Your entire life has been in preparation for this moment of your awakening.

Perhaps it is your particular life’s pain that brought you here…
Maybe you find yourself going in circles,
And you get that restless feeling,
That something is missing in your life.
A restlessness that wont go away.
Patterns in your life that keep repeating.
Emotions that you can’t seem to escape,
And memories that keep you up at night.
What if the waves of life are not knocking you down?
What if they are in fact, trying to wake you up?
Are you hearing the call?

There are many ways your life and soul might be trying to get your attention.

What if I told you that every single challenge, problem, and stressor in your life was an opening?

A portal that keeps opening up in your life to get your attention. Often these portals come disguised as some kind of pain in your life.  These are ways your soul calls to you.

A part of you has heard that call. It’s the reason for your restlessness.  And yet, many of us choose to stay in the safety and familiarity of the cocoon of our past; when in fact it is time for us to claim our butterfly wings.

This is a very different way to look at the pain and challenges in your life.

Most of us would rather not look at our pain.  You might even believe that your life is pretty darn great at the moment.

In the deepest and darkest of nights…
If you could see the brilliance of your soul, lighting up the darkness,
And you could feel the magnificence of your own spirit.
If you could know with all your being, your purpose and place in the world,
And know that you are safe and protected at all times.
If you could see and feel the light beings watching over you while you sleep,
And know that your divine mother is waiting patiently.
She’s been there for all of eternity,
Watching and waiting for you to wake up.
Would you listen this time?
Would you wake up?
Dearest one…it is time.