This little poem came to me in quick spurts. It’s a another one of those shower poems. I often get inspiration for poetry in the shower. Probably because the water is so grounding that my busy mind is still and relaxed for inspiration to enter.

It’s about a meeting of the self with the higher self, the soul, consciousness or whatever else you call it. A place where we are free to be the highest expression of ourselves. A place where we feel total freedom to follow our calling and our joy.


Because the world needs it.

Will you meet me there?

Let me know how you like this poem! 🙂

At The Crossroads Of Consciousness

I want to meet you,
I want to see what you look like,
What you are wearing,
And how you hold yourself in the light.

I want to tenderly touch your head,
Lean my head on your shoulders,
I want to smell your sweetness ,
Hold your hand ,
And gaze deeply into your eyes.

At the crossroads of consciousness,
I await for you to arrive,
Longing to hear your voice,
Echo with excitement for the day.

I want to hear of your plans,
Of how you yearn to inspire,
To write songs and poetry for the hungry,
And dance with the lonely.

I want to know how you will choose,
To express your abundant gifts
If you will live on purpose,
If you will play with passion,
If you will sing your songs,
To those who are waiting,
To wake up to your music.

Only you have the rhythm that they long for,
Only you have the magical seeds,
That will awaken their potential,
Only you have the medicine,
To heal their particular pain.

If you do not wake up,
If you do not sing your song,
If you do not dance your dance,
Many will stay asleep.

Your brothers and sisters are waiting,
At the crossroads of consciousness,
Will you wake up,
And meet me there?


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