I want you to just say what you really want!

Sometimes we just needs to get the words out.

No introductions to your topic, no middle and no well thought out endings please!  Just get to the point. Because if you don’t, the message gets lost and you get left with a lump in your throat.

Now I am not talking about intentionally going out and hurting people’s feelings.  There’s a certain sensibility that I know you have.

Too many of us though play it way too safe and bottle up our words and feelings because we are too afraid of hurting someone or terrified of what other people will think.

All this does is create areas of tension, constrictions and stress in our bodies because what needed to be expressed was depressed. And then we wonder why we are depressed?

Now is this starting to make sense?

We experience real consequences via our bodies and our health when we constantly betray ourselves and our feelings.  Sore throats, losing your voice and other throat related symptoms are just not you picking up a virus.  Because there are viruses floating around all the time.

Why did it get you now at this particular moment?  What else is going on in your life emotionally?

Paying attentions to your emotions and how you are feeling will give you some clues to the answers.

If you look closer at your life and start to pay attention to where you might have been holding back and not fully expressing your thoughts, your feelings, your gifts and talents; you just might start to see another picture.  One that helps you decipher the deeper message that your body wants you to know!

Now, I’d love to hear from you!  Have you noticed any areas in your life, where you have been holding back, not fully expressing yourself, your opinions and your desires?

If so, what connections can you now make that you couldn’t before? 

Comment below and let me know.  Let’s celebrate your ah-ha moments together!

Cheering for you and your brilliant insights!


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