I wrote this poem a few years ago when I was doing a lot of personal healing work of my own and feeling very confused about my life purpose and why I was here.

It speaks to what we are really here to do with our life.

You might read and hear this poem in the voice of your children if you have them.

You might hear these words in your own younger child voice…the one that hoped and wished that those grown ups around you would understand this .

You might be wishing you had made different choices and turns at the important crossroads in your life.

This is what I want you to know. Every single twist, turn, delay, distraction and especially your particular pain, was so perfectly on purpose, to prepare you and get you here to this very moment where you are standing now.

You are beautiful. Your life has a purpose.

Every detail of the rich tapestry that is your life, has uniquely brought you to today.  It’s time for your to own your gifts, to follow your inner light, trust that you are being guided and that each next step will be revealed when you learn to trust and learn to act on your immediate next step.

Your work is to remember and re-member parts of yourself you have gotten disconnected from and live your truth!

Don’t Teach Me Anything!

Don’t teach me anything!
I am not a soccer super star because you want
I am not a doctor, a lawyer, an engineer, an astronomer
A basket ball icon, a pro golfer in the making
Not a pianist, a cello player,  or a drummer

Because I am all of these things already
I didn`t come here to be moulded into a statue
A mirror of an unfinished you

I am all that I want to be already
I came here to remember and re-member
This place, Is about playing, loving and living
A remembering of longing

Don’t worry about showing me the way
Follow me instead
Watch me, love me, accept me
I will help you re-member
The parts that you once lost

Watch me play
See what I am
Perfection in every realm
Follow me as I wander
Letting my heart, my soul lead the way

When you let me just be
When you clearly see
The glimmers of the soul
Reflecting in my eyes
When you see my heart dance
When you see me dance

Then you will see
I have found a part of me
I remember because,
I am re-membering
Becoming whole

This is my work
Why I came here
You are my helpers,
Escorts on my journey

I came too, to help you
See and gather the parts you forgot and left behind
In childhoods gone by
Where others tried to mould you
Into a statue
A living monument
To mark the death of their longing


PS: Where did this poem take you?  Take a second and let me know where you went in your mind and what thoughts, feelings and images came up for you? I’d love to know. 


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