Somehow you found your way into the realms of plant medicine.  Maybe you travelled far distances to the Jungles of Peru, Columbia and other places to experience the medicine.

Or, maybe the medicine found you right in your own back yard and you felt this inner calling and you answered it.

It doesn’t matter how you found the medicine. It matters what you do with the information you have been given. It matters what you do next and how you change your life.

Your experience with the medicine could resemble one or a combination of the options below…

  • It was a beautiful and healing experience. You saw so much, you experienced and understood so much and you are not sure what to do next. And you wish you could remember all the details.

  • It was a terrifying experience. You were completely shaken by it. You wanted to run away and you never want to go back there again!

  • It was confusing. The images, the colours, the shapes…it was all intense and not a whole lot of made any sense leaving you  more confused then ever.

  • It did nothing for you. You didn’t see anything, hear anything, feel anything and you feel like you missed out. You’re not sure what to make of of the whole thing.

But what now? How do you make sense of this experience? How do you bring this back home to your life in the real world? How do you share with your family and loved ones, what you’ve been though?

And most importantly, how do you change your life?  What do you do first?

I know you have questions. I know you are maybe feeling a little lost and confused and maybe even scared. I’ve been there myself.

My running away story…

One of my initial experiences with the medicine was so terrifying that I actually ran away from Peru!

After three amazing weeks in Peru participating in a plant dieta with the sacred medicine of Tobacco, plant baths, and several ceremonies with Ayahuasca, I had a powerful experience with the cactus San Pedro. This experience left me shaken and brought up one of my deepest fears from childhood to the surface. The fear of being trapped.

I felt powerless, paranoid and like I was going to die out in the jungle all by myself. What if no one could find me.  In my delusional state, I was convinced that the people at the centre were going to trap me and never let me return home.

The visions I saw, the feelings I felt and the thoughts that were racing through my mind were so intense that I lost the capacity to differentiate my fears from reality. I was convinced that I had made a terrible mistake and desperately wanted to get back to my husband and children even though the people in charge of the retreat advised me I was not in the right frame of mind to leave.

That was the worst night of my life. I stayed up all night reciting every prayer I ever learned as a child asking God to protect me and keep me safe. The next morning I left the centre where I was staying, leaving behind all my belongings and boarded a flight home with just my passport and some cash.

It took me many months to recover from this experience and lots of support to integrate this experience.  In the aftermath, I learned just how much this pattern of running away had consumed my life. The plant medicine had just brought it up to the surface for me to confront and heal.

With guidance and a greater understanding I finally went back to working with the medicine again. This time I was prepared. I knew how to make sense of my experience.  In the years since then, plant medicine has become one of my greatest teachers giving me a direct experience of the things I need to face, understand and heal.

I am grateful to the spirit of Mother Ayahuasca for the incredible healing and changes in my life. She continues to be my guide and teacher.


My own experience is WHY I believe that the right support, integration and action are absolutely necessary for working with this powerful medicine.

Plant medicine work can be powerful and intense.

The visions, emotions and memories can be confusing to understand and interpret. These medicines have a way of bringing to the surface the unresolved imprints from our unconscious mind. Often we are left raw and open and needing some guidance to process what emerged for us.

Friends and family may not be able to give you the support that you need. In fact, you may find it challenging to use words to describe your powerful experiences. Words can be limiting and even the most well meaning family members may not be able to relate to the intensity of your experiences.

I created Integration Circles as my prayer of gratitude for everything I have received.

There is no set fee that you are required to pay to participate in this coaching. I offer this work in gratitude for the healing I have experienced through this beautiful medicine. If upon participating you feel called to support this work, you are welcome to make a one time donation via Paypal, or support us monthly via Patreon to support this work using the links below.



Our focus is the integration of your retreat to your real life at home.

The opportunity for profound transformation comes from skillfully taking action to make the necessary changes in your life and lifestyle. The coaching and support you receive will create space to guide you through this process.

Learn how to make sense of your experience and ways to apply it to your life. 

Explore powerful mind/body based tools and strategies that will make this process easier.

 We will meet weekly using private video conferencing with others who are on the same journey. The time in between allows for further integration as you observe and investigate all that emerges in your life.  During this process you will come to know life as a perfect curation. Every part of it has been and is being orchestrated for you. When you understand this at the deepest levels, you begin to reclaim your freedom.




Very early on in my coaching career, I discovered the phenomenon often referred to as borrowed benefits in EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). It’s the discovery that simply watching someone else do EFT on their issues, while tapping along with them, can help you reduce the emotional intensity of your own emotions. It’s an amplified way of receiving the collective power, inspiration and transformation that comes by co-creating with a group of like minded explorers.

I use a variety of body and mind based approaches in my work including EFT, Faster EFT, Mindfulness, NLP, Hypnosis etc. If you’d like learn more about me and my qualifications, click here. I also live the lessons in my own life.

My greatest qualifications come from being an ongoing student of the medicine and being willing to let go of everything I “know,” so that I can draw insights from a place of wisdom. This was a humbling lesson I was taught by the medicine.

Imagine all the amazing ways your life can change once you apply your insights to your life.

I know you might be feeling open, vulnerable and afraid trying to make sense of your experiences.

What kept me returning to the medicine was the incredible changes in my own life that even my friends and family couldn’t help but notice.  My entire life changed for the better in every possible way once I started living the lessons and insights I was given.

I created this offering to answer a call to be of service. I know first hand what it feels like to come from the jungle that is the amazon to the concrete jungle of our modern world and struggle with finding a new place where I fit in.



Join our weekly integration calls via video conferencing. You can participate from anywhere in the world. Contact us for more details using the link above.