I want to tell you a story. This one’s called abandonment.

Abandonment is what many of us have experienced in our life at one time or another. Much of the world carries this wound somewhere in our psyches, in our bodies…

Sometimes we try to hide it.
But like all our wounds, this one cannot be hidden. It shows up in the most irrelevant of places and makes it relevant to your waking up.
It want’s you to notice.
It begs and pleads and throws a temper tantrum demanding that you pay attention.

Here’s the thing that no one bothered to tell you.
If you carry the wound of unhealed abandonment, your entire world will mirror it back to you.

Everywhere you go you will see it, feel it.
You might switch schools, jobs, homes…
You might move to another part of the world and start over
You might leave this relationship for another.

But I can assure you this, if this pain is not resolved, healed, loved and integrated into the wholeness of you…
You will never divorce abandonment.

Because abandonment will not abandon you.
It is a trusted friend that you’ve come to rely on, as a companion of sorts.
The familiarity of abandonment will keep you married to it’s intoxicating scent.
You will find new actors to perform in your old play called abandonment.
They will find you in the new school, the new home, the new job and the new relationships.

Isn’t it strange that we keep the familiarity of something we love because what is unfamiliar is even scarier.

In the end,
The biggest surprise of all, is that YOU will abandon YOU!
It is safer to abandon you than be abandoned by someone else.
You will abandon your dreams, your hopes your gifts your relationships and the people who care about you…

Because the comfort of the being coddled and cozy in the familiarity of the pain of abandonment feels safer than the risk it remains to be open.

The solution: Stop abandoning you! Show up for you!   Make peace with the past so that it no longer needs to show up in the present.


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