What does happiness look like?

I want to know
Does the sun always shine bright behind the clouds?
What is behind the darkness that has settled over my heart?
Is it temporary too…as they say all things are?

What is temporary?
I want to know.
Is temporary measured in hours or days or years or seasons?
Is it constant? Does it come and go as it pleases?
When and how will I know?

How will I know?
When the waiting is done?
When it’s time to dream again?
When I peel off a layer, that another one will not make itself known?

How will I know?
When what I thought I knew, is no longer true.
When truth takes on many faces,
And I haven’t a clue,
On just who to be or what to do?

What will I do?
When the “I” that thought it knew itself,
Reflects back another “I” and another “I”,
And a thousand parts that make the whole,
Reflect back a me that is also you.

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